IoT Inventions in the STEAM Lab

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May 30, 2023

Thanks to the Educate Fairfax Grant, the STEAM lab was full of innovation! Wakefield fifth grade used the engineering design process to prototype a Smart Home device. Designs included automatic doggy doors, step counters and sound activated lights but also some super creative ideas such as ultimate frisbee speed detectors and games to teach young children shapes. The students presented their designs during a Shark Tank style class where their classmates could ask tough questions about the design. 

The grant provided Wakefield with Microbits, small, programmable circuit boards with sensors for light, sound, temperature, a gyroscope and touch sensor. Microbits can attach to lights or motors and then sky is the limit to ideas for practical and silly products. Using the Makecode programming environment, the microbit acts as a mini computer, similar to many automated devices in the home.