School Procedures

School Dress Code

FCPS respects students’ right to express themselves in the way they dress.  It is important, however, that their appearance is tasteful and appropriate for a K-12 school setting.  Discussion about dress code violations shall be held privately and maintain the dignity of the student.  

Clothing and accessories should not:

  • Display vulgar, discriminatory, or obscene language or images
  • Promote illegal or violent conduct • Contain threats or gang symbols
  • Promote the unlawful use of weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  • Expose private parts or show an excessive amount of bare skin (see-through clothing)
  • Contain studs or chain belts
  • Include hats or other head coverings unless worn for significant religious, cultural, or medical purpose
    • School administration may reach out to a student’s family if clarification is needed regarding the purpose of a head covering. 

Tennis shoes or shoes with rubber soles are necessary for physical education classes and active recess play. Open-toed shoes and “Crocs” are highly discouraged.

Personal Property

FCPS does not assume responsibility for the personal property of students and does not purchase insurance for their property.  We urge parents and students to consider the type and value of property taken to school.  Students may have cell phones, but they must be turned off and in their backpacks once on the bus or school grounds, or at school-sponsored activities during or after school hours. If students are observed using cell phones on school grounds, the phones may be given to the office for family pick up.

Please put your children’s names on all of their belongings; especially coats, backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles! 



  • Room parents will contact classroom teachers to coordinate and make all arrangements for class parties. Each class may have three parties per year. Room parents may request a one-time donation from families to help defray costs. It is WFES policy not to have soda or drinks in glass containers at parties.

Birthday Policy

To make the environment safe and comfortable for all students, Wakefield Forest has a non-edible birthday treat policy. As an educational setting, we strive to encourage healthy ways of living, and prioritize the safety of our students with food allergies.  This year, for safety reasons, we will not distribute any items from families.

Party invitations should only be distributed at school if one is given to every student in the class. We ask that social arrangements be made from home to avoid hurt feelings and to minimize distractions from the school’s academic focus. 


We expect students to respect the rights and privileges of others and accept responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of their behavior. The FCPS discipline code is presented in Regulation 2610 and the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook distributed at the onset of each school year.

Student Progress Reports

The school year is divided into four nine-week grading periods. Fall parent-teacher conferences will be held in November. Shortly after each grading period, you will receive a printed Progress Report. In addition, interim reports will be sent for students demonstrating academic struggles.

School Security

The school staff considers the safety of Wakefield Forest students a priority.  Our school security plan requires that all outside doors to the school and outdoor classrooms be locked during the school day. (Each staff member has a keyless pass that allows entry during school hours.

Wakefield Forest maintains a security plan to respond to any emergency situation that may occur. Students practice fire drills once per week the first month of school and once per month the rest of the year. Lockdown drills are practiced four times per year and tornado drills are practiced once in the spring.


We are sorry to announce that families will not be able to come to the building for lunch due to space constraints during our renovation. 

Should you need to come into the building, please ring the doorbell to the left of the front doors.  You must hear the doorbell for staff inside to hear it too.  All visitors will be asked to sign in to our electronic sign-in system.  Please bring your ID.