Educate Fairfax Awards Two Grants to Wakefield

By jcbrown1
November 03, 2022

A playdough piano? Or maybe a secret message sent via radio?  Those are just a few of the many new hands-on projects coming to the Wakefield STEAM lab. Thanks to two grants provided by Educate Fairfax, a 501 c3 non-profit organization, Wakefield will receive classroom sets of Makey Makey circuit boards and Micro:bit pocket computers with robotic cars. Students in grades 2-4 have already enjoyed building unique pianos and beat boxes using the Makey Makeys. Mr. Tony Gray and Ms. Joan Brown, our STEAM teachers, have several other projects planned for the circuit boards that require coding physical objects into athletic games.

Micro:bits are tiny computers with programmable LED lights as well as sensors for light, temperature and magnetic fields, an accelerometer and compass. When added to a robotic car, students can design code around movement and environmental factors. The STEAM team is looking forward to the creativity this new technology will provide our students. 

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