Wakefield Forest ES Establishes Garden Club

By Principal Sharyn Prindle
May 07, 2018

How does your garden grow? Eighteen students from second through sixth grade will explore the answer to that question in Wakefield Forest Elementary’s first Garden Club this spring.  The club will meet during the last hour of the school day on Fridays.  Guided by parent volunteers, students will learn about plant growth, aided by a new addition to the school: a three-tiered grow light system.  Once the weather warms up, students will plant, grow, and maintain the school’s edible garden. To introduce students to the farm-to-table concept, food consumption will be an integral part of the club.  Students will taste test different varieties of the vegetables they will be growing, and will prepare and try a healthy snack each week featuring the same foods grown in the edible garden.  Snacks will include beet and carrot slaw, kale and chickpea spread, and sugar snap peas and strawberry mint salad.