Understanding Anxiety: Empowering Resilient Families Presentation

March 22, 2024

Thank you to those who attended our Understanding Anxiety: Empowering Resilient Families Presentation. Below you will find resources from the session.

Presentation Slides 


  • Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents by Reid Wilson & Lynn Lyons
  • Never Enough, by Jennifer Wallace

Resources for Children

  • What to Do When You Worry Too Much
  • Playing With Anxiety: Casey’s Guide, by Lynn Lyons
  • Worry Says What, by Allison Edward


  • Flusterclux, with Lynn Lyons
  • Ask Lisa, with Lisa Demour


Resources Fairfax:

Counseling and Assessment Practice of Fairfax  - https://www.capfairfax.com/

Family Resource Center (FRC): The FRC offers workshops, consultations, and resources to help families support their children's educational and emotional needs. They cover a wide range of topics, including anxiety management strategies. https://www.fcps.edu/resources/family-engagement/family-resource-center

Student Wellness: Tips and Strategies https://www.fcps.edu/student-wellness-tips

FCPS School Psychologists/Social workers and Counselors

Community-Based Support - Fairfax County Government Mental Health Services:  https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/community-services-board/mental-health

NAMI Northern Virginia: The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers support groups, educational programs, and resources specifically tailored for families dealing with mental health conditions, including anxiety. https://nami-northernvirginia.org/

Healthy Minds Fairfax:   https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/healthymindsfairfax/