Internet Safety Presentation

Keeping kids safe, happy, and healthy in the digital age.

By Alex Dilldine
January 23, 2024

Thank you to those who attended our Internet Safety Night Presentation. Below you will find resources from our presentation and more to support you in keeping your family safe online.


Presentation Recording

Presentation Slide Deck 


Resources from Common Sense Media

Parents' Ultimate Guides

  • Struggling to keep up with the apps, games, and websites your kids are using? Common Sense's Parents' Ultimate Guides can help keep you up to date and answer your questions about all the latest platforms and trends. Whether you're trying to figure out if a new app is safe for your teen or if a popular game includes blood and gore, we've got you covered.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Get Your Kid a Phone

9 Social Media Red Flags Parents Should Know About

A Parent_s Ultimate Guide to YouTube

Apps to Help Keep Track of What Your Kids Are Doing Online

Easy, Free Browser Hacks to Make the Internet Safer for Your Kid

How Do I Keep My Kid Safe on the Internet

Strategies for Getting Kids off Devices

What Can I Tell My Kid to Do if He or She Is Being Cyberbullied


For additional information please check out Common Sense Media, which has a ton of reviews and other resources so you can make informed media choices and get answers whenever you want! You can also reach out to Wakefield Forest's School Based Technology Specialist, Alex Dilldine, at @email