Inclusion Week - Gaining Insight on Disabilities

By J. Brown
January 25, 2023

Try building a tower with one hand or play a musical instrument with your eyes closed. These were some of the activities in the specials classes to help build awareness around disabilities. Wakefield chose the weeks of January 16th and 23rd to participate in Inclusion Week. All of the teachers in music, PE, STEAM, and Library designed activities to help students see the benefits of inclusion and the many ways to make that happen.

In STEAM, 5th and 6th grade students built mechanical hands after learning about the advancements in 3d printed prosthetics. Many students took this opportunity to adapt the design for a specific purpose or function. Second through fourth graders attempted to build towers with several types of building materials using only one hand. Many found that having a partner was the best way to proceed. Kindergarteners and first grade built wheel chair ramps with the correct rise to make their house accessible to our Ozobot robots. 

In our Library, the first graders read the book Dancing With Daddy about a girl with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. Ms. Rapuano led a discussion with second graders on the jobs a service animal can do for someone followed by the book Rescue and Jessica. Third and fourth grade discovered how many people can overcome a disability when they read the book 25 Women Who Defied Limitations.