Join Your Kiddos for Lunch!

Did you see that WFES is allowing grown-ups to join their kiddos for lunch again starting Monday, November 20? This was a really popular activity pre-COVID (and renovations!), and now it’s back! The school has requested that for equity purposes, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please check in at the office as you normally would when visiting during the day and check out at the end of your lunch visit.
  • Please no outside food or drinks. This creates a disruption in the cafeteria.
  • We ask that you not bring toys, prizes, treats, etc. with you for the class. You are here to visit with your child, not give items to the class.
  • We ask that one adult per child come at a time as space is limited. 

Questions can be directed to the Front Office. This is a great way to brighten up your child’s day (okay, let’s be honest: your day!) and we are excited to see that it’s back.