School Procedures

Appropriate School Clothing

  • We expect students to come to school in proper attire that does not disrupt the learning environment. Clothing should fit, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of decency. 

We do not permit:

  • Clothing with improper language or images
  • Sagging or low-cut pants, low-cut necklines, tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, backless blouses or blouses with only ties in the back, and clothing constructed of see-through materials.
  • Head coverings, such as hats, scarves or bandannas, unless required for religious or medical reasons.

Tennis shoes or shoes with rubber soles are necessary for physical education classes and active recess play. Open-toed shoes and “Crocs” are highly discouraged.

Personal Property

  • FCPS does not assume responsibility for the personal property of students and does not purchase insurance for their property. Wakefield Forest Elementary urges parents and students to carefully consider the type and value of property taken to school, especially items with monetary or sentimental value. Students may have cell phones, but they must be turned off and in their backpacks once at bus stops, on school grounds, or at school-sponsored activities during or after school hours. If students are observed using cell phones on school grounds, the phones will be confiscated by school staff for parent pick up. Unidentified articles found in the school are placed in the Lost and Found.


  • Room parents will contact classroom teachers to coordinate and make all arrangements for class parties. Each class may have three parties per year. Room parents may request a one-time donation from families to help defray costs. It is WFES policy not to have soda or drinks in glass containers at parties.


  • To make the environment safe and comfortable for all students, Wakefield Forest now has a non-edible birthday treat policy. This decision was based on feedback from parents, teachers and administrators. As an educational setting, we strive to encourage healthful ways of living, and prioritize the safety of our students with food allergies.

Students may celebrate their birthday in one of the following ways:

  • Families can arrange with the teacher to donate a book or board game to the classroom.
  • Families can bring in one non-edible treat for each classmate such as a pencil, bookmark or sticker. Please note, goodie bags, toys and balloons are not allowed.

Party invitations should only be distributed at school if one is given to every student in the class. We ask that social arrangements be made from home to avoid hurt feelings and to minimize distractions from the school’s academic focus. 


  • We expect students to respect the rights and privileges of others and accept responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of their behavior. The FCPS discipline code is presented in Regulation 2610 and the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook distributed at the onset of each school year.

Student Progress Reports

  • The school year is divided into four nine-week grading periods. Fall parent-teacher conferences will be held in November. Shortly after each grading period, you will receive a printed Progress Report. In addition, interim reports will be sent for students demonstrating academic struggles.

School Security

  • The school staff considers the safety of Wakefield Forest students a priority. Our school security plan requires that all outside doors to the school and outdoor classroom doors be locked during the school day. (Each staff member has a keyless pass that allows entry during school hours.) Office staff provide parents and school visitors entry through the front doors via the video entry security intercom system. All guests must then proceed directly to the office and sign in using our computer system, using their driver’s license. Visitors may print out a name tag or use their school volunteer photo ID badges that are kept on file. Photo ID pictures can be scheduled to be taken during school hours in the library.


  • Wakefield Forest enjoys the support of an extensive volunteer program. We welcome and celebrate our volunteers. All visits must be prearranged with the classroom teacher. Typically, volunteers work with students, assist in the library, help with art projects, or work on Parent Teacher Association (PTA) projects. Sign up at Back-to-School Night or contact your child’s teacher, the school office, or a PTA Board member to participate. Parents/guardians and guests are required to stop at the main office to sign in, show identification, and receive a badge to wear when visiting the school. Parents/guardians must have the principal’s prior approval and accompany any animal visiting the classroom. We ask that all visitors refrain from using cell phones while in the building.