Find the latest news and school events via the following:

  • Thursday Folder - Check your child’s folder weekly, and return the signed folder the next day.
  • News You Choose - A weekly email will be sent from the school with important information.
  • eNotify emails - FCPS families are subscribed to the eNotify program automatically when parents provide an e-mail address on the Emergency Care Card. It is up to the parents to update this information when changes to family e-mail addresses occur. This is an emergency message system.
  • FCPS 24-7 Parent View at for online access to class information for your child. You can sign up for this service in the WFES office.
  • School Twitter:

Parent Contact Information: Your emergency contact information is very important. It accompanies your child everywhere he or she goes – even on field trips. Phone numbers, addresses, and the names of adults who may pick up your child from school are essential information and must be kept current. You can input, access, and update your child’s emergency care information via the FCPS program, weCare@school, which is available through the Parent View account for parents and guardians on FCPS 24-7.